Extension but no tightening of Corona measures in Bavaria

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 30th Mar, 2020

As Bavarias Prime Minister Markus Söder announced in a press conference today, the restrictions on public life that are already in effect since March 21st will be prolonged until April 19th 2020. This means that the following measures remain: limitations of movement as well as closure of schools, universities, restaurants and shops (except pharmacies, groceries stores, drugstores and other shops that ensure basic supplies).

The reason for this is the fact that Bavaria is highly affected by the spread of Corona due to its proximity to the Italian and Austrian boarder. The number of infections has risen up to nearly 15,000 in Bavaria by now. From March 29th to March 30th alone, new infections of more than 1,100 people has been recorded. The age of those infected ranges from 35 to over 60 years old. The death rate in Bavaria has risen to 133, 90% of those have been over 60 years old. Even though the infection curve has started to flatten since the introduction of the first measurements, a proloning of the measures is considered necessary. The infection rate has dropped from 25% at the time before the school closures to 17% since the introduction of school closures. This corresponds to a reduction in the doubling of infections from 2.8 to 5 days. Nevertheless, the effects of the further restrictions on public life cannot yet be estimated. The priority is therefore to continue with the restrictions to reduce infection rates and at the same time increase health measures.


The nationwide measures at a glance:

  1. reduce social contacts to a minimum. Preferably mainly contact with people you live with anyway (family, partner, flatmates).
  2. keep your distance in public. Preferably 1.5 metres to the next person, better still 2 metres.
  3. do not form groups in public. In public, you should only be alone, with your roommates (whether they are partners, children or roommates) and/or a maximum of one other person with whom you do not live together. Attention: in Bavaria, on the other hand, outdoor recreation is only permitted with members of one's own household. An exception is made for the own life partner. According to the State Chancellery, however, accompanying elderly people who are dependent on help will continue to be permitted.
  4. going to work, to the doctor, shopping, for a walk or to other absolutely necessary appointments, is still allowed.
  5. parties are prohibited. Public celebrations as well as private parties in apartments or other private premises are prohibited.
  6. restaurants must close. Catering establishments are only allowed to deliver or offer food for pick-up. Until the curfew is lifted, no catering establishments are allowed to operate.
  7. hairdressers and  similar services must close. Personal hygiene establishments that require human contact will not open for the time being. These include hairdressers, nail studios, tattoo studios, beauty salons or massage practices.
  8. companies must protect employees and customers. Companies that are still open must ensure the protection of employees and visitors and comply with hygiene regulations.

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