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A marker for migratory breast cancer spreading to brain

Recent study finds a protein that could predict the risk of breast cancer migrating to the brain
isabel martin
Mon 16 Nov 15:34

Genetically speaking, breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease.

Primary tumors are classified in types and subtypes according to the genes expressed or muted by their cells.

This background greatly conditions prognosis and subsequent progression of the disease.

'Triple negative' breast cancer (TNBC) constitutes a particularly challenging kind of carcinoma.  It denotes three missing markers, which individually are associated with breast cancer. 

While they are still vulnerable to conventional...

FC Bayern: Same name, different game

Bayern are aiming high this season. Photo: Foter
With the domestic football scene taking a break this weekend it's the perfect opportunity to focus on another flourishing sport in both Germany and Munich. This weekend at the O2 World Arena in Berlin...

FC Bayern Munich Basketball is hoping for a slam dunk

FC Bayern Munich's other club begins against some of Europe's best On September 22nd and 23rd, Munich's Audi Dome will for the first time host the prestigious BEKO's League Cup, a basketball...

Ballers exact revenge on Ulm

Center Jared Homan dominated the middle early for Bayern...
Audi Dome, Munich - There's not many times a team gets another chance, in the same exact situation, and get to actually change a defeat that should have been a victory.  The New England Patriots...

Ballers crush Oldenburg

Center Jared Homan dominated the paint throughout the night.  Photo: Sperduto/TMT Sports
Audi Dome, Munich - FC Bayern Basketball are slowly becoming like their big brother on the football side.  Sold out arena, celeb sightings, highly entertaining games, and international...

Basketball ready to bounce back

Jumping through hoops for success. Photo FC Bayern Basketball
When football appears to be the only spoken currency in Bavaria, it takes a brave president to back the rise of another sport under the same club badge. Uli Hoeneß has never been a man to shy away...

Uli Hoeness's new project, FC Bayern Basketball, hope to advance in German League Playoffs

FC Bayern hope to meet Germany's reigning champions, Bamberg, in the semi-finals, but first they must get by the Artland Dragons on the road. So far it's been a classic back-and-forth series, and tonight's game is the decider.
Tonight FC Bayern plays a very important game in the grand plan of being an even larger brand name in the world of club sports. A few years ago Uli Hoeness, President of Bayern Munich, made a...

Stars Shine for the BBL

American John Bryant was the man amongst the stars.  Photo: TMT Sports
Ludwigsburg - John Bryant scored 23 points including 10 in the deciding 4th quarter to lead the International team to an 89-84 victory in the Beko BBL All Star Game.  Bryant's performance earned...

Ballers lose in Bamberg

Guard Steffen Hamann led Bayern in scoring but it wasn't enough to get by Bamberg.  Photo: Sperduto/TMT
Stechert Arena, Bamberg - FC Bayern Basketball lost its sixth consecutive game on the road, this time to the Brose Baskets 89-77. Anthony Tucker scored 23 points and Casey Jacobsen added 18 points by...
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