Roland B. Sookias

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Why Dinosaurs got so big?

Therizinosaurs of the genus Nothronychus. Source: Wikipedia.
A new study defies previous theories of why dinosaurs got so big. The real reason may not be so clear cut. Just before the dinosaurs died out, giant...

Evolution in mosaic

Source: Wikimedia Commons
A controversial idea of how evolution works gains new support.

Mosaic evolution is a long-discussed and still controversial idea that different parts...

How plants helped us evolve

Source: Wikipedia
A lesser known hypothesis suggesting that our relationship with fruit may have helped us evolve into humans, gains new support. According to the...

World's oldest panda comes from Spain

Source: Wikipedia
The panda might not strike you as the most Spanish of animals, but is seems that 11 million years ago it roamed on Spanish land. Now, new research is...