Rising Temperatures, Lingering Slippery Conditions Across Germany

Wed 17th Jan, 2024

Image by Alyssia from PixabayAs Germany transitions from freezing temperatures to a milder climate in the coming days, the German Weather Service in Offenbach issued a cautionary advisory on Saturday, emphasizing the persisting risk of slippery conditions in certain areas. Particularly, in the low mountain ranges on Sunday night, meteorologists anticipate snowfall and freezing drizzle, posing challenges for commuters. Temperature variations are expected, ranging from plus four to plus one degrees in the north, around freezing point in central regions, and between minus two and minus nine degrees, with some Alpine valleys experiencing temperatures as low as minus eleven degrees.

Despite predominantly sunny and dry conditions from southern Baden to Lower Bavaria on Sunday, northern regions are forecasted to experience overcast skies, accompanied by light rain or sleet in certain areas. Mountainous regions are likely to witness snowfall, with maximum temperatures ranging between zero and six degrees, and higher elevations experiencing light permanent frost. A partly weak wind is anticipated in the south, while the northeast may experience a fresh westerly wind. The DWD cautions of strong, stormy gusts or squalls along the coasts and in higher elevations.

Moving into Monday night, the weather is expected to remain mostly cloudy to very cloudy, with meteorologists predicting a mix of rain, sleet, or snow. Temperatures are set to cool down to plus two to minus four degrees, and in elevated terrains and the Alps, temperatures may drop to minus eight degrees. It is important to note the potential risk of slippery surfaces.

The start of the new week, according to the DWD, brings a combination of rain, snow, and sleet, with the northwest potentially experiencing isolated thunderstorms. Prolonged snowfall is anticipated on the northern edge of the low mountain ranges. Daytime maximum values are forecasted to be between zero and plus five degrees, while nighttime temperatures range from zero to minus five degrees. The DWD warns of slippery conditions in mountainous areas, during heavy showers, and generally at night due to snow or freezing wet conditions. Additionally, meteorologists expect a fresh, gusty to stormy westerly wind, with storms likely in mountainous regions and coastal areas.

Image by Alyssia from Pixabay


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