Gun Control Debate to Take A Backseat

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 19th May, 2013

The turbulent gun control debate in th US is nearing an end as the senate and lawmakers move on.

The broad spectrum of suggestions to handle gun control in the states was narrowed down to two amendments, one addressing mental health care and the other penalizing states that give out information about gun owners for anything other than a criminal investigation. Despite the desire for stricter gun control laws from opponents, the Senate's 60 vote threshold proved that more were in favor of loosening restrictions not tightening them.

A large majority of Senators voted to give back gun possession to veterans as well as revoke laws that ban concealed gun custody, while slightly less voting to ban high capacity magazines and to prohibit certain rifles.

The effort by supporters of gun control laws to keep the issue on the table is slowly losing steam as the general consensus is that any further reforms on this aspect are a long way down the road and will be put on an indefinite hold so that issue can be revisited at a later time.

Supporters of gun control are not happy with the decision and vowed to surge forward in attempts to get a handle on the issue. Background checks are an issue many are calling for addressing. What people are asking for to ensure that tragedies such as those in the past years and before are avoided at all costs.

Former Democratic member of congress, Gabrielle Giffords, a strong supporter of background checks due to her involvement in a mass shooting which still renders her unable to speak properly, had a run in with Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who refused to support the issue. The two were old friends and his refusal to support a cause so close to Giffords made for an awkward situation.

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