Rolex shop attempted theft

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 27th Apr, 2010

Munch. A Serb national tried to commit a burglary by breaking into a Rolex shop on Maximilianstrasse.

Unfortunately for him, his noisy attempt to drill his way into the shop on Monday morning caused an irritated neighbour to accidentally lock him in and call the police.

His plan was to break into an adjacent building, drill a hole into the shop, grab the luxury goods and make his way back out of the hole and leave the adjacent building.   What could go wrong; all the 31 year-old had to do was make sure the exit door was left open so he could make good his escape, so he jarred it with a newspaper.  As luck would have it, the sleepless neighbour, annoyed by the early morning drilling, went down and closed the door, thus trapping the criminal inside.  She then called the police and the hapless thief was apprehended.  The shop owner was called and recognised the man as a bogus customer who had called into the shop the week previously.

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