Munich, the place to be a man

Munich, the place with everything, according to Gelbe Seiten (a directory listing service).  They have claimed Munich is the best place in Germany to be a man.

They produced an infographic highlighting some stats which leads them to this conclusion.  Whether or not you agree on their concept of what interests men, you have to admit that there are some good points there.

The famous Bavarian clear blue sky (we have lots of sunny days), a single-women-surplus (a double-edged sword in my opinion), 249 football clubs and FC Bayern Munich - there are enough reasons for most men to visit the city on the Isar.  Munich has 23 excellent beer gardens and 127 butchers - which as we all know is a big thing for all those manly meat-eating men out there.  160 gyms, 4 climbing walls and 6 sailing schools also provide the necessary infrastructure for men to stay in shape.  Although I am sure I have read some stats, which point to too many weisswurst breakfasts maybe cancelling out that benefit.

Being a man in Bavaria is not such a bad thing.  So guzzle down that beer with the weisswurst and get on that climbing wall, Munich life is calling you.

For the infographic, see Gelbe Seiten (note it is in German only).

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