Fewer table reservations at next year's Wies'n

This round is on me -- munichFOTOThe city wants to change the rule regarding Oktoberfest table reservations. The Wies'n boss and OB candidate, Dieter Reiter (SPD) plans to lessen the number of table reservations in 2013. This proposal was not to the liking of the Wies'n hosts; however, the decision was taken by the city authorities.

The argument for less table reservations centres on the shortage of space in the tents. After lunchtime, sitting space becomes rare inside these tents, and this problem is only exacerbated by the numerous table reservations. Holding off the crowds from these reserved tables can also become stressful for the waiters and waitresses as they wait for the guests to arrive.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages of this plan have been noted by Schmid (CSU), as he stated that not allowing table reservations may lose Oktoberfest many valuable and regular customers. He has therefore proposed that the 16 day-long Fest is extended by one extra day, and that upon this day, no table reservations would be allowed. He is of the opinion that this would encourage the locals who would have otherwise been dissuaded to attend due to the frustrating nature of finding a place to enjoy the festivities. Many of the tourists who flock to the city for the world famous Oktoberfest, will have left by the Monday, leaving the Wies'n free for the enjoyment of the locals.


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