Munich S-Bahn to Receive Germany's Most Advanced Trains

Thu 3rd Aug, 2023

Photo Copyright: Simulated Image, Deutsche Bahn AG / DB/Vidovic/Siemens Mobility GmbHCommuters aboard Munich's S-Bahn will soon experience travel in the most state-of-the-art trains in the entire nation. As per statements by the Deutsche Bahn, Siemens Mobility, the manufacturer, will supply a total of 90 extra-large trains, surpassing a price tag of two billion euros. The uniqueness of these trains lies in their length - the first-of-their-kind continuous S-Bahn vehicles in Germany, measuring over 200 meters and accommodating more than 1800 passengers. This innovation will not only provide more seating but also enhance the system's punctuality, the railway company asserts.

On Wednesday, August 2, Bahn Executive Evelyn Palla announced in Munich, "A 200-meter S-Bahn translates into more capacity, greater punctuality, and enhanced comfort for our passengers." She emphasized that this marks a pivotal stride towards the transportation shift within the region, stating, "During rush hour, each of these new XXL trains replaces 1500 cars."

According to the Deutsche Bahn, these trains are designed to be exceptionally energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance. They will receive software updates through online cloud services. Notably, the trains' air conditioning systems are environmentally friendly and can function at temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius - a critical consideration given the rising summer temperatures. Furthermore, passenger information dissemination will be improved, as announcements can be directly received by hearing aids through Bluetooth technology. Ample space is allocated for wheelchair users, with five of the thirteen cars featuring extensive multipurpose areas with three doors, catering to bicycles, strollers, luggage, and walkers.

The impending introduction of these advanced trains promises to revolutionize the Munich S-Bahn system, enhancing both the passenger experience and the broader effort to reshape regional transportation patterns.

Photo Copyright: Simulated Image, Deutsche Bahn AG / DB/Vidovic/Siemens Mobility GmbH


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