Munich Airport Security Problems

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 28th Jan, 2010

The unknown man whose laptop triggered an explosives detection alarm at Munich Airport last Wednesday slipped past the Federal Police two more times. Earlier it was suspected that he flew away when the detection alarm went on. Now, the authorities are convinced that he did not want to escape.

The Upper Bavarian Government spokesman Henry Schuster said to the Muenchener Metkur that the stranger with the laptop went through security checks like all the other passengers a couple more times. This can be seen on video recordings. After the security check of the laptop was done for the first time, he calmly went for a walk through the duty free area before the Federal Police sealed off Terminal II. If he was a real terrorist, the man would have escaped unrecognized with his laptop! Hundreds of police officers searched the terminal for the suspect, after there was a photo released from the surveillance camera of him.

When the terminal was opened again, the unknown man checked in at 21.07 again. This time as well nobody was aware of the fact that it was the same man. His laptop which triggered the explosives alarm the first time, was fine the second time. Government spokesman Schuster said: "Obviously he did not even know that this afternoon he caused a major security alert with his early departure from the safety area." The man is still being looked for to clarify the incident. After the incident every detail of the process would be analysed for possible improvements.

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