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Wifi at Marienplatz

As of yesterday, there is free wifi for all to use at Munich's Marienplatz. It is part of an initiative by the City called M-WLAN and is a...

Bieber's Monkey Left Behind Indefinitely

Bieber and his monkey made headlines in all the Munich papers --munichFOTO
Famed Canadian singer, Justin Bieber made headlines when he attempted to bring a tiny, young monkey through the German Toll for his concert at the end...

Bomb or No Bomb?

American soldier at Siegestor examining the fallen lions in 1945. How many bombs remain unexploded in the city? --munichFOTO/PD
The last year has seen many reminders of the war in Germany as construction in Munich has hit an all time high and workers continuously stumble across...

Barcelona Arrives In Munich

FC Bayern v. Barcelona at Allianz Arena --munichFOTO
All over Munich, the Barcelona team colors can be seen. Due to the game this evening, fans came from all over to show their spirit and their...

Gun Control Debate to Take A Backseat

The turbulent gun control debate in th US is nearing an end as the senate and lawmakers move on.

The broad spectrum of suggestions to handle gun...

Olympiapark to Cost Half a Billion by 2032

Built for the 1972 Olympics, the park is an integral part of the city --munichFOTO
Munich's Olympiapark, renowned as the scene of the 1972 Olympic summer games, is set to undergo an expensive renovation.

It is no secret that the...

Marienhof is back

Munich's favorite chill out spot right behind the Rathaus has returned to its green glory!

Originally closed off in 2011, the green patch behind...

Louis Vuitton Maison Opens

On Tuesday evening, Louis Vuitton Maison in Munich opened its doors to the finest Munich clientele and celebrities. It is the first Maison store in...

Grandma Wrecks 6 Cars

How old is too old to drive? --munichFOTO/WikiCommons
Yesterday, an 88-year-old woman in Bogenhausen managed to cause numerous accidents in just a few minutes behind the wheel.

At around 7.15 pm, the...

Arrest made in response to Ricin-laced letters

The main US Post Office building in Washington., D.C.  --munichFOTO/WikiCommons
Days after the White House mail-sorting facility intercepted a letter believed to be poisoned, an arrest has been made.

Both President Obama and a...

Maypole thief is run over

Freshly painted Maibaum at Viktualienmarkt  --munichFOTO
It's all fun and games until somebody is rolled over by the Maypole.

In keeping with the Bavarian tradition of stealing the Maypole of another town,...

Abercrombie & Fitch opening Munich

Washboard abs promoting the opening of A&F's Munich branch
Tomorrow marks the opening of the new Abercrombie & Fitch store in Munich. The long-awaited and much rumored Abercrombie is opening this week in...