Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati

Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati is an Assistant Professor of International Political Economy at the Institutt for Sosiologi og Statsvitenskap (ISS), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2012. His research interests include: International Political Economy and Development Politics. He is a visiting fellow at Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and a board member of the editorial committee of Journal of Peace Research.
Role: Journalist, Opinions
No. of articles: 5

Republican Party needs a Compassionate Conservative

John Kasich fits the bill
A strong but unexpected conservative victory in the recently concluded UK general elections was preceded by a rapid surge to power by another...

India 'Modi'fied: Armed with massive mandate, can Narendra Modi do a Deng Xiaoping?

Mr. Modi goes where no Indian prime minister has gone before
The Indian voters have spoken. The message is loud and clear, "boldly go Mr. Modi where no Indian prime minister has gone before"! The voters' verdict...

Don't Blame Germany

Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
After attending an academic conference in 2011, I and my friend were on vacation in Miami, Florida. One evening we drove to one of the interior parts...

Grexit: Whose Loss will it be?

Does Greece need the EU, or is the the other way around?
As Greece goes to Parliamentary elections on 25th January, I scratch my head to understand the classic Greek conundrum. On one hand a private poll...

Republican Shenanigans, it's Democracy Stupid!

GOP has a reputation to maintain
Carl von Clausewitz, a German soldier, once said, "War is politics by other means." But many in the United States (US) today feel that the Republican...