Deepa Gupta

Dr. Deepa Gupta is an honorary contributor for TME, and Assistant Editor for The Times of India, Delhi Times.
Role: Journalist, Arts
No. of articles: 5

The Other Son: A review

Le Fils de l'Autre is a 2012 French drama film directed by Lorraine Lévy that focus on identity and conflict on the Israel Palestine issue
The Other Son, a French film directed by Lorraine Levy, is a visually powerful narrative that puts forth a strong point in favour of individual...

Munich is culturally vibrant, says scientist Raju Tomer

Indian born scientist Raju Tomer
Raju Tomer, a young Indian scientist first made news in 2010, while at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Germany, where he developed a...

Where East meets West

DR. Chinmay Pandyaji from India will holding a Deep Yagya (candlelight ceremony) this Monday (Nov 11) in a yoga studio in central Munich
When you hear him chant Sanskrit shlokas and mantras, tears well up in your eyes. The power and devotion that his voice holds is sheer magic. It...

Pradyot Debbarman: The everyman's Maharaja

Pradyot Debbarman, the current Maharaja of the Royal House of Tripura,India
Pradyot Debbarman, the current title holder of the Royal House of Tripura, India, is more of a commoner who says he is a tribal and sees himself in...

Mariam Karim Ahlawat, "My writing is cinematic"

Writer Mariam Karim Ahlawat
Novelist, playwright, screenplay writer, children's writer, columnist, illustrator - the many roles of Mariam Karim Ahlawat - are but just a few. A...