ADAC expects expensive gasoline prices on Saturday

Sat 4th Jun, 2022

Image by IADE-MichokoThe fuel tax cut is having an increasing effect on customers. On Saturday morning, the price of Super E10 rose again, as the ADAC reported. Diesel was at about the same level as the previous day.

Both fuels were thus too expensive, according to the transport club. "There clearly too little arrives at the consumer," said a spokesman. "The development is going in the completely wrong direction."

Specifically, Super E10 cost an average of 1.960 euros per liter nationwide at 9:50 a.m. Saturday, according to ADAC. That was 1.6 cents more than 24 hours earlier. Diesel came in at 2.001 euros per liter - the same as the previous day.

In view of the development, ADAC also expected the average daily price of E10 to continue to rise on Saturday compared with the previous day. However, the daily average prices are typically lower than the values at 9.50 a.m., as fuel usually becomes cheaper towards the evening.

Prices had already risen on Thursday and Friday. In the nationwide daily average on Friday, E10 had cost 1.921 euros per liter, diesel 1.969 euros. This meant that E10 was 26.1 cents cheaper than the day before the tax cut, diesel 7.5 cents. Both fall well short of the level of the tax cut, which provides relief of 35.2 cents per liter for E10 and 16.7 cents for diesel.

Image by IADE-Michoko


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