Munich fears many additional homeless people due to pandemic

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Munich city council is concerned about a possible increase in the number of homeless people due to the Corona pandemic and the associated economic consequences.

In the City Council's Social Affairs Committee, Mayor Verena Dietl (SPD) said, "We fear an additional wave of citizens who will report themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness due to the severe economic consequences of the ongoing pandemic. This poses further challenges for the City of Munich. It is all the more important to take precautions to be prepared for this situation."

Corona pandemic: city fears more homeless people
As a short-term measure, the responsible specialist departments for the social security houses, the Job Center and the Social Welfare Office are to be staffed up - but in the long term, more housing will be needed above all.

"The immediate housing system is already reaching its limits. Together with the Social Welfare Department, we will develop a plan to make the utilization of the available bed spaces even more effective. This includes, for example, a higher placement rate in permanent tenancies, the expansion of return assistance, or even a reduction in vacancies for bed spaces that become available in accommodation facilities and emergency accommodation."

Social welfare department looks for new accommodation options
Munich's social affairs officer Dorothee Schiwy explained that her department is intensively looking for further accommodation options - and at the same time directed a call for help to property owners. "I appeal to all institutions and companies that have appropriate real estate available for rent to contact us. Such cooperation has advantages for both sides. You gain a reliable contractual partner and long-term tenant. We as a city can secure the social peace in our city through your help and fulfill our municipal duty."

The company is looking for properties in the city area that can accommodate approximately 50 to 200 people - either in self-contained apartments or in rooms with shared kitchens and sanitary facilities. The rental period is at least twelve months.

Currently, there are about 5,300 bed spaces (as of July 31, 2020) in Munich in commercial lodging establishments, flexi homes, and municipal emergency shelters, including about 3,500 spaces for families and about 1,800 for individuals and couples. There are about 460 bed spaces available in municipal clearinghouses, distributed among 211 apartments (as of July 31, 2020).

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