German wakeboard team head to Argentina

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Bremen / Argentina - Pleasant 23 to 25 degrees are currently recorded in Buenos Aires.

The wakeboard national team will fly from Bremen to Argentina this Saturday. Adrian Abeck and Aaron Armborst, will accompany the German wakeboard national team as their national coach.

The tenth World Cup will be held at Pampa Cable Park from February 14th to 23rd, 2019. "Our goal is to be on the winner´s podium in individual competitions and to win the team title in the open class," according to 25-year-old national coach Adrian Abeck who has been managing the athletic prowess of German wake boarders for two years.

Aaron Armborst will stand by his side as another coach. Together, the duo wants to ensure that the German team will end up richly decorated. "I think we are in a very good position," says Abeck, who will deliberately fly to Argentina with his protégés a few days before the official start of the World Cup.

"Some participants have already practiced overseas and have trained in Thailand, Turkey and Mexico to prepared for the World Cup. "Apart from that you don´t often get to be on the water in Germany in winter "says Andreas Milski from Bremen the operator of the world's largest cable wakeboard and waterskiing camp who is especially watching the youngest offspring in his camps.

Among others, Andreas Milski is a board member of the Wakeboard and Wasserskiverband Niedersachsen / Bremen e.V.

Even though that after 40 years of active wakeboarding himself he rarely is on the water anymore he is still observing active wake boarders.

Like at his wakeboard and water ski summer camp in 2016. At that time Milski discovered the then 13-year-old Jolina Thormann. "It quickly became clear to all of us that Jolina is an exceptional talent and that we need to talk to her and her parents.

Fortunately we managed to persuade Jolina and her parents to join a club in order to participate in competitions.

"She dominated all of them. After the participation in some local competitions she also mastered the German championship with the 1st place and the European Championship in Italy with the 3rd place. After fighting her way to the top Jolina is looking forward to the World Cup in Argentina. Her goal is clearly the winner's podium.

15 years old Jolina is the youngest female participant even though there is another boy from Wilhelmshaven, Lukas Rebiewski, who is at the age of 14 the youngest participant in the national team.

As well as Jolina he was able to convince the national coach from his achievements, which include some smaller competitions and the 1st place at the German Championship 2018.

The team arrives in Argentina on Sunday so that they still have three days until the opening ceremony for intensive practice at the water sports park located just north of Buenos Aires.

Abeck and Amborst will decide together with the competitors on which tricks to present to the jury members.

"We also analyze trainings of competitors from other countries and then create the choreographies for our team members. You always have to be careful to find the right balance between showing good stunts and not risking too much "explains Abeck.

After the World cup the national coach doesn´t need to travel far away for the next big competition. The European Championships for juniors and seniors take place in Germany on the Tuttenbrocksee in Beckum in September.


Photo taken by Jolina Thormann, owned by Sven Thormann, all rights reserved

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