Ashcloud: millions lost in revenue

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 27th May, 2010

Munich Airport. The ashcloud from the volcano on Iceland disrupted business for Bavaria's airports.

Munich airport has had a loss in revenue of more than 10 million Euro, says a spokesperson on thursday. The airport in Nuremberg lost about 1 million, and the "Allgà¤u airport" in Memmingen around 300 000 Euro.

Overall Munich couldn't process more than 600,000 passengers due to flight restrictions because of the volcanic ash cloud. About 6,500 arrivals and departues were cancelled. The airport was completely closed on the evening of the 15th of April and reopened on the 22nd of April. The loss in revenue will put a strain on us for the whole year, says a spokesperson of the 2nd biggest airport in Germany. Seeing the increase in passenger numbers now, there is no way to forecast by how much the ash cloud blurred the balance of 2010.

The airport in Nuremberg could not dispatch about 80,000 passengers, loss in revenue is about one million says a spokesman. "The deficit cannot be compensated for", says the spokesperson. "All activity ceased at the airport." At the regional airport in Memmingen 117 landings and departures were cancelled, about 18,000 flight passengers were not allowed to fly. Loss in revenue was around 300,000, according to a spokeswoman.

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