Detonation aftermath in Schwabing

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 5th Sep, 2012

As has been previously reported, in the Feilitzschstraße in Munich-Schwabing, a bomb from the Second World War was discovered on Monday evening during construction work. It was confirmed as being a 250-pound American bomb (type: BP 500), leftover from the Second World War. It contained a long-term chemical fuse, meaning that the bomb was still live.

After the efforts of explosives experts were not successful, it was decided that a controlled detonation of the bomb, which could have exploded at any time, was the best option under the circumstances.

The blast took place on Tuesday evening at 21.55. After the blast occurred, fires were reported in several buildings in the close vicinity of Feilitzschstraße. As it turned out, some of the insulating material which protected the area surrounding the bomb, had been ripped apart by the blaze and as a result, the trusses of various buildings in the immediate vicinity had caught fire.

Firefighters were able to get to the scene quickly and were subsequently able to bring the fire under control. Other damages to surrounding properties included blasted out windows and cracks in the buildings themselves. At this time there is still no evaluation of the total financial damage done to the area.

Currently, it has not been announced that anyone was hurt.

The exclusion zone has now covers Straßen Marktstraße, Siegesstraße, Franzstraße, Leopoldstraße und Haimhauser Straße. Residents who were based within this exclusion zone cannot yet return to their homes. They will only be allowed home, when the area has been assessed as being safe and if it presents no further danger to residents.

The current closure of U-Bahn line 6 will remain as it is, until the affected section has been examined and determined as safe for use again.

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