Alexandra R

Alexandra Rau is a journalist and section editor (News) for The Munich Eye.

Professionally coming from an administration management background, she used her knowledge of German culture and business practices to help TME grow and reach a larger audience in the wider English-speaking German community.

Alexandra started working for TME in 2012.

Originally born in Baden-Württemberg, Alexandra has lived and worked in and around Munich since her early childhood.

Role: General Editor, News
No. of articles: 24

Oktoberfest 2017 Updates Security

Oktoberfest 2017
Safety precautions for the Wiesn are being further expanded in 2017. For the first time police will patrol the festivities equipped with bodycams....

Municipal security guards for Munich

Munich Hauptbahnhof
Following a city council decision from 2016, the Kreisverwaltungsreferat (department of district administration) submitted a more detailed concept for...

Unterföhring Shooting Update

Police and the public prosecutor's office are still investigating the details of the Unterföhring incident. According to the current state of...

Eisbach Claims Second Victim in two Weeks

Eisbach drowning
Only two weeks after the drowning of a teenage girl, a 35-year-old male tourist from India has suffered the same fate.

Again the accident happened...

Teenage girl drowns in Eisbach

The surfing-wave in English Garden is a popular highlight with both tourists and locals. A reminder of Munich's relaxed approach to life, riding the...

Coffee-to-No-Go Campaign

Coffee Cup Waster Munich
The municipal committee of Munich has unanimously voted for an extensive campaign against the usage of disposable paper coffee cups.


English Garden Reunited

English Garden tunnel
Munich's city council has unanimously approved the concept for a tunnel which is to reunite the southern and northern part of English garden.


Tollwood Summer Festival 2017

Tollwood 2017
From the 21st of June to the 16th of July, Olympiapark South in Munich hosts this year's Tollwood Summer Festival.

For the next 26 days visitors are...

Biergarten Season Finally Arrives

Munich Biergartens
It´s summer in the city and most Munich people can be found in what they call their second living room: their favorite Biergarten (beer garden).

Qatar Boycott worries Airbus and Boeing

Airbus Munich jobs may be affected
Several Arabic countries have cut their connections with Qatar, accusing the emirate of supporting terrorism. Although Qatar condemns the breaking of...

No beer price break for Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest 2017
Oktoberfest 2017 (locally referred to as the Wiesn) will take place from September 16th till October 3rd. This year, additional safety precautions...

Topshop and Topman Coming to Munich

Topshop Munich
The British fashion labels "Topshop" and "Topman" will open a shop in Munich this summer.

The collections for women and men will be available from the...