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Computers of the future may have eyes of an insect

Ready for the movies

Hold a pencil in front of you and look at it with one or the other eye closed: it appears to shift a little.

That's the key to three-dimensional vision (scientifically called stereopsis): each eye has a slightly different angle of view, then our brains "figure out which bit of the left eye's image corresponds to the same point in space as a given bit of the right eye's image," explains Jenny Read, Professor of Vision Science at the University of Newcastle.

It might seem mundane, but it's a remarkable feat. So much so that humans and other vertebrates devote quite some brain space to that, where complicated processing algorithms work their magic to bestow upon us the marvel of depth perception.

Dr. Read's team...

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Independence referendums since 1957
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Eco-friendly accessories in Munich
Don't imitate: recycle and innovate
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Germany in the top three for electric vehicle sales in 2013
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The public-private sector partnership is instrumental in crafting cost-effective policies against climate change in Africa
Crafting cost-effective policies against climate change
The Earth's Climate is changing. There is now one-fifth more carbon in the atmosphere than there was...

Munich, every surfer's wet dream
Germany Surf Paradise?
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Forests are the future and must be treated with the respect they deserve.
Wise and focused leaders cannot give away forests!
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Germany is right, Europe needs austerity
Don't Blame Germany
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