Weekend Forecast: Sunny and Warm Weather Expected Across Germany

Thu 25th Apr, 2024

Image by Tu Anh from PixabayMeteorologists anticipate warm and sunny conditions across many parts of Germany this weekend, attributed to a surge of warm air originating from the Mediterranean and North Africa. Martin Jonas, a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, remarked on the timely arrival of these pleasant conditions, noting the imminent transition into May and the preference for spring-like temperatures over the lingering chill of April.

Friday's forecast, however, suggests a different scenario, with widespread rain and clouds expected, according to the DWD. The southeastern regions may experience longer spells of clear skies and dry conditions, while the northern and western areas are likely to retain the characteristic unsettled weather associated with April. Daytime temperatures are projected to range from 11 to 16 degrees Celsius, reaching up to 18 degrees in the southeast, with nighttime temperatures dropping to between 7 and 0 degrees, potentially leading to isolated instances of light frost.

Jonas highlighted the anticipated shift towards outdoor activities starting from the weekend, extending from Brandenburg to the Alps. Whether it's a visit to an ice cream parlor or a beer garden, he encouraged people to take advantage of the warmer weather. Saturday is expected to see temperatures surpassing 20 degrees Celsius, with some areas reaching over 25 degrees by Sunday. However, regions in the west and north may experience isolated thunderstorms and showers on Saturday, potentially resulting in slightly cloudier conditions. Nonetheless, Sunday promises a gradual increase in temperatures, with the 20-degree mark likely to be reached or approached.

Nighttime temperatures are forecasted to drop to as low as 5 degrees Celsius, locally reaching 3 degrees, but precipitation is not expected, alleviating concerns about frost.

Image by Tu Anh from Pixabay


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