UPDATE: German Airports on strike

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UPDATE: The warning strikes of the security personnel at German airports continues. On Tuesday January 15th 2019 Frankfurt Airport will be affected again. Warning strikes will also be held in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Halle/Saale, Dresden and Erfurt.

Warning strikes are also taking place at Munich airport on Tuesday. Unlike the other airports, however, passengers are not directly affected in Munich as the strike applies only for those personnel controlling the employees at the airport, the airlines and the delivery of air freight. Nevertheless, Verdi Bayern expects a significant impact on air traffic, especially since the warning strike at other German airports such as Frankfurt will cause few or no planes to land.

The airports affected by the strike will prepare for the strike in the best possible way in collaboration with the airlines and authorities. However, all travellers are strongly advised to check with their respective airline to see if their flight is operated and to allow sufficient time on site.


At three German airports on the 10th Jan severe restrictions in air traffic are to be expected. The Verdi union has called on security personnel for full-day warning strikes. Affected are the airports in Dusseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart.

Background for the strike are the so far fruitless collective bargaining between the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies and Verdi for about 23,000 employees of aviation security. The union wants to enforce an hourly wage nationwide of 20 euros for employees in the areas of passenger, freight, personnel and goods control.

According to the Airport Association ADV, the strike will hit around 111,000 travelers. The association was shocked by the actions of the Verdi union. The full-day warning strike was "unreasonable, reckless and irresponsible," said ADV Chief Executive Ralph Beisel. This will cause great damage not only to the airports, which are not a negotiating partner in the dispute, but also for "the image of Germany".

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Strikes everyday... When there was one back then I could at least get compensation for that.

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