Traffic Noise Pollution to be Targeted

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 24th Aug, 2010

Munich. The European Union declared war on traffic noise and after the completion of the investigation, the city now has to find a remedy. Munichs citizens are asked for their opinion on the issue.

The next step is a planning period with involvement of affected citizens at the end of September. Then noise victims and experts of the city will have a meeting to balance theory and implementation. Concrete action will only be taken after citizen's opinions have been heard.

A noise map was generated using computer software, including factors like the width of the street, plant covering, distance and height of the houses and public transport.

The new noise planning has used the data to filter out problematic sections, which are now up for discussion. 24 focal points will be dealt with in the 4 meetings between the experts and noise victims. Due to a potential conflict of interest, highways, the Deutsche Bahn and S-Bahn are excluded from the talks. This network is the concern of the government in Oberbayern.

For the first forum, Landshuter Allee is up for discussion (29th of September, 5 o'clock, Kulturhaus Curd-Mezger-Plaz). Other noise clusters include: Paul-Heyse, Schwanthalerstraße, Gabelsberger and Theresienstraße, Moosacher Straße/Frankfurter Ring, Schleißheimer, Landsberger and Muellerstraße.

The second Forum (28th of September, 5 o'clock, Kreisverwaltungsreferat, Ruppertstraße 11): Lindwurm-, Kapuziner-, Herzog-Heinrich-Straße. Rosenheimer, Humboldt and Pilgersheimer Straße. Orleansstraße, Auen, Wittelsbacher-, Ehrengut and Isartalstraße. Two more forums will follow in October and citizens will be invited via post to the forums.

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