Stars, Food & Art in Munich

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Munich. A new gourmet event called "Stars, Food & Art" takes place in Munich. Multiple Michelin star cooks create a special menu, with the cost for the guests expected at around 550 Euro per person.

Nine tuna pieces shaped as little squares are lying on a white plate, arranged to form a big square. To add a touch of colour, twelve pea shaped sauce drops are added. Some guests hesitate to ruin the perfect picture with their forks but after only nine bites the artwork is gone. The happiest person about this is star-cook Mario Gamba who was responsible for the "declension of tuna".

Together with eleven other international Michelin star cooks, the owner of the Munich restaurant "Acquarello" will create a six-course meal on the 9th and 10th of July, in the Hotel "Sofitel Munich Bayerpost" in Bayerstraße 12.

On both evenings, 6 cooks will be cooking. Each of them prepares a course. But that's not all, the slogan of the gourment event is "Stars, Food & Art". That means that besides star cooks and food there will be art as well. "The menu will have an artistic presentation, but that is supposed to be a surprise", says hotel director Ignace Bauwens.

The surprising aspect for many is probably the price. To experience the food and matching drinks, one will have to pay 550 Euro per person. Part of the revenue goes to "Artists for Kids - Project for creative youth welfare". Tickets are sold over the telephone on 089/599 48 29 26.

The event has taken place annually since 2007 in the "Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand". Due to its huge success, it is planned to take place in other hotels of the chain as well. After Munich, in Oktober the Sofitel will follow in the Moroccan capital Rabat.

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