School Starts for 1290 Pupils

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 8th Sep, 2010

Starnberg. 1290 girls and boys will start school on the 14th of September in Starnberg. Secondary schools will also start their lessons.

135 first graders less than the previous year, will be starting school this year. 7457 children will start school in 24 public and 5 private schools. 5626 elementary school students prepare for further schools in the county (last year for comparion was 5712). The secondary schools are bolstered by 1831 girls and boys, compared to last years 1882.

The local education authority aims for a strengthened cooperation of schools providing vocational education for the next year. According to Leutenbauer, more focus for this type of school will lie on "deepening the career path". To ease the way for students into work there will be a mentor project that will look after the students starting at the 7th grade, which would be one year earlier than before.

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