S-Bahn Main Line Closures 2018

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In 2018 a lot of inconveniences can be expected for passengers of the Deutsche Bahn and especially the S-Bahn, as the main line (Stammstrecke) in Munich will be closed for maintenance on five weekends. In addition to this, the complete train route between Freising and Feldmoching will be blocked for a total of six weeks.

Due to the obsolete rail network in Bavaria, the Deutsche Bahn has had to invest about 1 Billion Euros for its renewal. A lot of building therefore needs to be done in and around Munich as well.

The two regular maintenance weekends, during which, among other things the frequently damaged overhead lines are to be repaired, take place as follows:

May 11th to May 14th and October 19th to October 22nd - The main line will be blocked completely between Ostbahnhof and Pasing during these periods.

September 14th to September 17th -  the S-Bahn main line between Hackerbrücke and Laim will be blocked because of the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which in future will connect Arnulfpark and Landsberger Strasse. Deutsche Bahn trains are not affected by this.

Further disruptions and cancellations are going to take place from October 12th to October 15th between Donnersberger Brücke and Laim (preparations for the second main line) and from October 26th to October 29th between Donnersberger Brücke and Pasing (installation of new points).

The biggest construction project in the Munich area in 2018 however, is the track renewal between Freising and Feldmoching. This line will be blocked completely for 6 weeks from July 28th to September 10th. S-Bahn passengers using the S1 to Freising and Munich airport will be affected ,as well as all passengers using the regional trains to Landshut. Replacement busses will operate between Feldmoching and Munich airport during that time. The S-Bahn line S1 will become line S18, starting from Feldmoching in the direction of Munich city center. From the stop at Leuchtenbergring, the S18 line will be used as an express line going non-stop to Munich airport every 20 minutes between 6am and 11pm. Along with the S8 line a 10-minute phase to the airport is therefore guaranteed.

Train passengers wanting to go from e.g. Regensburg or Passau via Landshut to Munich, have to change transport in Freising, using either the offered replacement busses or the S8.

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