Travellers - Hold on to your Hats

At Munich Hauptbahnhof, a tourist arrives for her holiday. But first she must make a visit the police station.

In Düsseldorf main train station a 62 year old Japanese woman recently fell victim to confidence tricksters. According to Munich's TZ, two men offered to help her with getting her luggage onto the train, which was headed for Munich. Their friendly and helpful approach lulled the woman into a false sense of security; one of the tricksters distracted her whilst the other made off with her suitcase.

The theft was only noticed by the victim during ticket inspection, and as the train had already left Düsseldorf the thieves were subsequently long gone.

At Munich's police station the hysterical tourist reported the theft and the contents of the suitcase, which included cash, an iPhone, a shiny new iPad and precious earrings. The theft was valued at a total of 3,800 euros.

Federal police warn that during the peak tourist season there will be an upsurge in confidence tricksters shamelessly attempting to exploit vulnerable travelers. They've given the following advice:

Always keep your baggage by your side or at least in eyesight.
Always err on the side of caution, no matter how friendly a stranger might be.
Cash, cards, ID and wallets should be kept as close to your body as possible, preferably under your clothing.
Ladies, handbags are prime targets; zips are therefore advisable and always keep the whereabouts of your bag in mind.

Munich is of course a wonderful place to spend a holida. Tourists flock to the city to taste the flavours of Bavarian life and to soak up the culture on offer. Often suitcases return home slightly swollen with souvenirs and heads return swimming with golden (if somewhat hazy) memories. This, however, is exactly the kind of memory you do not want to bring back with you. So please, stay savvy.

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