Schwabing - who should pay?

Burned out shop on Feilitzschstr. in Schwabing just a few doors down from the bomb blast site   |  munichFOTOAfter Monday's WWII bomb discovery in the heart of Munich, the 250-pound explosive underwent a controlled detonation on site the following evening. Despite authorities best attempts to fireproof the surrounding area, the blast still caused substantial damage to the immediate residential area, Schwabing.

This begs the question: what is the exact cost of the damage caused by the detonation and more pressingly who is financially responsible for the cleanup?

Whether the damage is included under the "Kriegswaffenklausel" (weapons of war clause) is not yet clear. If it turns out this is the case, then the city will accept no responsibility for it. Nevertheless, most homeowners should be able to breathe easily, because it is possible that the cost of the damage will be paid by their insurance. The cost has yet to be fully assessed.

At the Bayerischen Hausbesitzerversicherung (Bavrian Homeowners Insurers), an explosion is usually a co-insured risk that falls within the realms of the Fire Service, according to a representative of the Haus & Grund München (Homeowners Association) Michael Koch.

Workers in front of the damaged building directly across from the blast site  |  munichFOTOThere seems to be some confusion, as according to the Merkur-online, Allianz does not agree. A representative of Allianz, Sabine Schaffrath, stated that a bomb, "...actually falls under the weapons of war clause and the insurance company is therefore not responsible." However, if this is the case, there are other insurance clauses that it is possible for the damages to fall under, for example, businesses that are based in the damaged buildings may be able claim what is called "interruption of business" insurance.

Whatever is decided on the matter of fiscal responsibility, the issue still remains; hundreds of Munich residents can neither return to nor re-inhabit their damaged homes.

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