Isar takes another life

Swift currents in the Isar can cause property damage and even kill, as Bozo B. found out   |  munichFOTO  Dominik HundhammerAlong the stretch of the Isar that runs under the Marienklausenbrücke in Harlaching, a 36-year-old Web Designer named Bozo B. took a swim on Saturday evening, that unfortunately ended his life. The waters that flow along this section of the Isar appear to be calm and placid, however under the surfaces lurks an underground tube that runs 175 metres under the Isar and comes out at the Zoo. The currents and eddies that surround the entrance to the tube are highly dangerous.

Bozo B. and his two friends, known as Genc K. and G., had agreed to go running on Saturday evening. Despite the warning signs prohibiting bathing and alerting the public to the danger, Bozo B. decided to jump into the Isar at approximately 6:25 p.m. He was then caught by the current and dragged into the tube. Helpless, passersby could only stand by and watch in horror as the drama unfolded.

A force of 70 firefighters, doctors, police and paramedics were soon on the scene, along with 2 search helicopters and employees of both the public utilities and the zoo. His friend, a 33-year-old Mechanic named Genc K. had jumped in after Bozo B., in an effort to save him, only to be dragged into the tube himself. He survived purely by incredible chance when firefighters lifted a manhole cover and found him alive and with only slight injury.

However, the lifeless body of Bozo B. was found washed up at Kraemerschen Kunstmühle. His family and friends are devastated by his tragic death and his neighbourhood is in shock.

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