Horrific accident in Austrian Tunnel

An as of yet unidentified couple were involved in a horrific accident on Sunday Morning in Lofer, Austria that cost both the victims their lives. 

The two occupants of the car are believed to be a married couple from Munich although this is yet to be officially verified. The vehicle - an Audi A6 - on its way from Bad Reichenhall, crashed head-on into the wall of the Lofer tunnel and subsequently burst into flames. Help came too late for the pair and they both died at the incident scene.

Reports that flames could be seen from inside of the Larchbergtunnel were communicated shortly after the accident and the message was received by the relevant fire and police departments at 8.21am on Sunday morning. After several minutes of fighting through thick clouds of black smoke, rescuers were met with a grisly scene. The two victims were trapped, knocked unconscious by the force of the impact and had such serve injuries that they were unable to be saved. All attempts by the rescue services to put out the flames were fruitless. 'Both people were burned beyond all recognition' reported a spokesperson from the local Lofer police force and all that remained of the car were a few pieces of blacked twisted metal.

Due to the magnitude of the inferno the only clue police had as to the identity the two victims was a single number plate which was presumably thrown clear of the car by the force of the impact. The other number plate was 'totally burnt' and was therefore useless. Initial investigation has identified the number plate being registered to a 75 year old Munich man from Mittersendling. The Lofer police force is currently working alongside the Munich police force to officially determine the identity of the driver and his passenger.

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