First edition of The Munich Eye hits newsstands

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The first edition of The Munich Eye went on sale Thursday 5 July at select locations. There was such demand that many places sold out almost immediately.

As Munich's only English language print newspaper, we have a little bit for every taste. We have an introduction to this year's Tollwood Festival 'Great Expectations' and a review of Paul Krugman's book 'End This Depression Now'. 

There is something for the traveller, such as Albert Mooney's 'Gabriele Münter's Murnau: a day trip to the birthplace of abstract art', as well as plenty of timely news articles about what is happening both here in Munich and Germany.

Our Christine Wandolo has written a touching piece about Lupus called 'Down but not out: Michaela's dance with fate', and Karl Gruber and Roberta Batorsky have provided plenty of intriguing stories about some of the newest research in science. 

The sports section has made quite a splash with coverage of the recent Euro 2012. Bernie Reeves writes about the disappointing exit from the tournament, while Mark Lovell covers the Spanish champions. There is even a preview of our local ice hockey team EHC München.

You might have seen the German press talking about Betreuungsgeld and wondered what it was. Stephan Rauhut explains the history and the most recent developments on that front. There is even an article by Chris Randall about Overseas Voting in 'The changing face of American elections'. 

And one of the things we are most excited about is introducing you to a local brewer you might not have heard of. Most Germans drink pils, while Bavarians often prefer lager or Weißbier. The guys at Crew Ale have decided that it is about time Germany had a renaissance in the world of beer. We really had fun researching for that story.

Watch the website for information on where you can purchase The Munich Times in the future. 

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