Coalition against tuition fees

After the approval from the Supreme Court to a proposal for a referendum opposing planned tuition fees for higher education, a new coalition consisting of the SPD, FDP, the Green Party and also the ODP, The Left Party and the Pirate Party has mobilised.

The new alliance has been formed in order to present a solid unified front against tuition fees. Those involved have specified the necessity for all parties to work together to try to bring about a swift end to the plans. The German Youth Council and the German Trade Union Federation have also offered their support to the cause.

Michael Piazolo, a representative of the FDP, stated the coalition's ultimate aim would be to convince the Bavarian government to immediately overturn the plans to charge tuition fees independently. Otherwise they will be forced to make use of the referendum in order to make their voices heard.

Piazolo said he was absolutely confident that the necessary 10 percent of votes from the electorate needed to push through such a referendum would not be a problem.

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