Bomb Discoveries Lead to Disruption

The discovery of yet another forgotten aerial bomb near the Landsbergerstrasse in Munich a few weeks ago on Thursday, was a grave reminder that the lethal after-effects of World War II have not disappeared from Germany. Residents were evacuated from their apartments within 500 metres of the site, and S-Bahns and regional trains between Pasing and Donnersbergerbrücke were closed with further disruption felt along the rest of the lines.

The 225-Kilo bomb was one of two found recently through construction work activities adjacent to the S-Bahn tracks. The first was found in the Grünwald Stadium, which was promptly closed off. It contained 120 kilograms of dangerous explosive material, which is a frightening thought since it had gone undetected for so long. Bombs are said to become more unstable with time, posing the question: What might have been the trigger?

Though the Munich Public Transportation system has returned to normal, passengers should be aware of potential further disruptions to the S-Bahn system throughout July and August. On seven different weekends in the next two months, S-Bahns on the main line (Pasing to Ostbahnhof) will be completely shut down in order to carry out track renovations and renew fire protection in the tunnels. Buses will transport passengers along the highly travelled route to compensate for the disturbance. More specific information can be found on the MVV website.

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