Munich Starkbier season begins

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During lent many centuries ago, Bavarian monks started to drink specially-brewed strong beer, high in nutrients and energy, which helped them through their fasting.  Since then is has been traditional to brew this beer, called Starkbier (strong beer) during lent.

Munich brewers Lowenbrau began the season on the evening of 25.02.2010. In the Lowenbrau Keller with their Triumphant starkbier, they regularly are the first of the big breweries to kick-off the season. They offer an Oktoberfest-style festival.  They have stone-lifting, yodling, a beauty contest, log chopping competiton and other events. From 26.02.-27.03.2010  you can taste their dark bier, called Triumphant, but booking is recommended as places are limited and it gets very busy.

The strong beer season at Paulaner (Nockherberg) starts on 05.03.2010 at 14.00 and goes until 21.03.2010. One mass beer costs 8,60 Euro.

The strong beer traditional program of "Millionendorf-Theaters" will take place in 2010 at multiple points in Augustiner, Neuhauser Str. (always Thurs., Fr. + 05,12,13,19 and 20 March). Entrance 13 '‚¬ per person.

Hofbrauhaus traditionally don't participate in starkbier season. Only starting from 29.04.2010 Hofbrauhaus will be serving strong beer in Munich.

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