Munich's pandemic Christmas tree

Photo by Ira OstafijchukThis year, Munich's Christmas tree was due to be brought in from Verona, but due to the corona crisis, these plans had to be shelved.

Instead a replacement had to be found. Fortunately, Steingaden, just south of Ammersee, rose to the challenge and provided an alternative.The region was due to supply a tree in 2033, such is the delay for donors being accepted. Now Steingaden managed to jump the queue and come to Munich in its hour of need.

Buergermeister Max Bertl (27) was clear: "In these dark times, a Christmas tree at Marienplatz in our state capital must shine and send a ray of hope."

The Christmas tree, a 22 meter high spruce, will be delivered to Munich and stand outside the Rathaus at Marienplatz.

The spruce stood up to recently in the middle in Steingaden, at the busy Schongauer road, federal highway B17, but was removed due to it being perceived as a potential danger to pedestrians and traffic.

The 4 ton tree hosting approximately 3,000 lights, will brighten the city centreup to the 6th January

Photo by Ira Ostafijchuk

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