Mayor Reiter Urges Cooperation from Private Daycare Centers in Munich

Sun 10th Mar, 2024

Image by Carole LR from PixabayMayor Dieter Reiter, a member of the SPD, has made a heartfelt appeal to private daycare centers in Munich, urging them not to disappoint parents facing an uncertain future. The mayor has been inundated with letters from concerned parents who find themselves in a difficult situation. Several daycare centers have announced staggering price hikes of up to 1,000 euros per month. The urgency is palpable, as parents are given a mere two weeks to sign new contracts, risking the loss of their crucial childcare placements.

This surge in concern stems from the recent decision by the city to implement a new support system for child care, overturning the previous Munich funding formula due to a court ruling prompted by a lawsuit from a private daycare center. Mayor Reiter acknowledges this legal backdrop but emphasizes that the exorbitant fee increases cannot be solely attributed to the necessary abolition of the Munich funding formula.

The city's data reveals a different financial landscape, indicating that the average payments made by the state capital of Munich to providers are significantly lower. Currently, daycare centers receive 694 euros for each daycare place, 261 euros for a kindergarten spot, and 239 euros for a place in an after-school care center. These amounts are complemented by funding from the Free State, covering approximately 60 percent of the overall costs.

In response to the escalating situation, Mayor Reiter has taken a proactive step by personally reaching out to independent providers. In a formal statement, he implores them not to let down parents and encourages their participation in the new Munich daycare funding model. The mayor's communication strategy also extends to Prime Minister Markus Söder of the CSU, as he seeks a potential avenue for Munich to retain its former funding system through a change in state legislation.

Despite the impending implementation of the new funding system in September, with an annual subsidy of 170 million euros, Mayor Reiter remains committed to finding a solution that addresses the concerns of both daycare providers and parents. The delicate balance between financial viability for daycare centers and affordability for parents is at the forefront of this pressing issue, and Mayor Reiter's appeals emphasize the shared responsibility to navigate these challenges in the best interest of the community

Image by Carole LR from Pixabay


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