Latest corona rules for Bavaria

Image by Gerd AltmannThe federal and state governments have extended the lockdown on corona virus control until March 7. What follows is an overview of the latest changes and updates.

Nightly curfew
Starting Monday, the curfew will only apply to counties and cities where the seven-day incidence is above 100 - and then only from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., rather than from 9 p.m. as before. Where the incidence has been below 100 for at least seven days, the curfew no longer applies.

Privately, people in Bavaria should also continue to meet with only one other person outside their own household at a time. The circle of these people should be kept as small as possible. Citizens are urged to "limit all contacts to the absolute minimum necessary and in particular avoid indoor gatherings"..

Wearing surgical masks, FFP2 masks, or a comparable standard, remains mandatory in stores and public transportation. In Bavaria, stricter regulations expressly apply: only masks with FFP2 or the equivalent KN95 standard may be worn.

Non-essential private travel and visits should be avoided.

Schools and day care centers
This week, schools will remain closed for distance learning. Daycare centers will also remain closed. There is emergency care for students from first to sixth grade and for daycare children.

The state government has decided that starting next Monday (Feb. 22nd), there will be alternate instruction or face-to-face instruction with minimum spacing for grades one through four in elementary and special education schools, as well as for all graduating classes. Day care centers for children and day care centers for children are also to open then. In both cases, however, schools and daycare centers will remain closed in counties and cities with a seven-day incidence of more than 100.

Apart from stores for daily needs (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.), stores  will remain closed. The wearing of FFP2 masks remains mandatory in open stores.

From March 1, hairdressers in Bavaria will be allowed to reopen their salons, subject to strict compliance with hygiene requirements and only with appointment reservations. Customers will then also have to wear FFP2 masks there.

Image by Gerd Altmann


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