Drunk Passenger Injures Policeman

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 23rd Aug, 2010

Munich. A drunk bus passenger severely injured a policeman with a headbut. The dispute began because the bus passengers did not want to leave the bus and police had to be called.

On Sunday at 8.15 PM police were called to the central bus station at Arnulfstrasse because 3 drunk passengers did not want to leave the bus. As the officers arrived at the bus station they attempted but did not manage to get the passengers to leave the bus. In particular a 22 year old Polish man resisted to the extent that the police had to use force to remove him. The extremely aggressive 22 year old resisted and headbutted a police officer. The 29 year old police officer suffered a laceration on his head, which needed stitches in the local hospital. The other officers were attacked and verbally insulted by the Polish man.

The drunk offender was taken to a detention facility after a blood sample was taken. Today he will be summoned to court.

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