Bridge demolition makes way for new tunnel

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 11th Apr, 2010

Munich. Demolition of the Grabbe-bridge proceeds as planned. One of the main traffic roads in Munich was blocked, even though there were traffic jams, the predicted gridlock failed to materialise.

At 10.30 PM the Grabbe-pedestrian bridge collapsed above the Heckenstrallerstraße. The bridge was removed as it was impeding the construction of the tunnel under the Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz.
"And it worked as planned" said a pleased Robert Bauer, project manager of the responsible work force, on sunday morning. After the Heckenstallerstraße was closed at around 6 PM they used a 'gravel road bed' on the tar "to protect the street during the construction works" says the expert. At 8 PM the digger and the other machinery arrived: "They weakened the bridge at several different locations, until finally it gave way at 10.30PM."

Subsequently the rubble was broken into smaller pieces and carted away. "There was a lot of noise", admitted Bauer, "but the residents were relatively positive about it - many found the machinery and lightning spectacular and watched". One of the affected residents is Markus Doberstein, who lives adjacent to the bridge. "We don't see it as a bad thing" he explains while he watches the construction works with a friend at 1.30 AM, and jests "I'm happy that the bridge is gone, now I can sit in my garden without having people watch me from above".

On sunday the bearings of the bridge, the underground concrete foundations, will be excavated. Project manager Robert Bauer is optimistic "We will be on time with the work. On monday morning, between 4 AM and 5 AM, the road block at the Heckentallerstraße can be removed." Also Stefan Bauer of KVR was confident that the first MVG bus will resume regular service on monday morning at 4.30 AM. The entire procedure was free of incidents and even the weather was playing along: "There was little holiday traffic, however the Heckenstallerstraße is rarely affected by the increased traffic flow." The road congestion was typical of this street, consisting mostly of commuting traffic.

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