Apple apparently wants to bring Macs with touchscreens to market

Fri 13th Jan, 2023

Image by Christian SchroderApple could launch Mac computers with a touchscreen in a departure from its previous strategy, according to a media report. The company is considering the year 2025 for this, wrote the financial service Bloomberg on Thursday night.

At the same time, no final decision has yet been made on the matter and the plans could still be overturned, it said, citing people familiar with the effort.

While many manufacturers of Windows computers provide their devices with touchscreens, Apple does without them in its Macs. The iPad, on the other hand, has touch-sensitive screens and can also be used as a computer in many scenarios.

Apple has so far argued that Macs and iPads have different operating concepts and application areas. Software boss Craig Federighi had already said years ago that prototypes of touchscreen Macs had been built, but that no added value had been found in them.

Apple switched the Macs from Intel processors to chips from its own development in the past two years. This means that all devices are based on one processor technology.

While sales of Windows PCs have since fallen sharply after a boom at the beginning of the pandemic, Macs have gained market share.

Image by Christian Schroder


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