Scholz announces plan for massive expansion of wind power

Sun 5th Feb, 2023

Photo by Anna Jiménez CalafGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has announced a nationwide plan to expand wind power. "By 2030, that will mean an average of four to five wind turbines every day on land," Scholz told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. The government is tackling the expansion "in a general-staff manner".

"We are currently drawing up a roadmap of what new turbines must be built by when so that we can achieve our goals for 2030," Scholz continued. Every month, he said, there will then be a discussion with the states about how far they have progressed with this. "What is not done on time has to be caught up."

Scholz's goal: climate neutral by 2045

Germany is a country with great economic performance and a very well-functioning welfare state, the chancellor stressed. However, he said, it lacks some speed. "We need more momentum in innovations and for the modernization of our industry so that we can have a climate-neutral economy in 2045," Scholz explained.

The goal is to make significant progress in expanding wind power and solar energy "so that we become less dependent on imports of fossil gas, coal or oil," the chancellor explained.

Photo by Anna Jiménez Calaf


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