Safer trip on the S-Bahn

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New glass doors to increase fire safety in S-Bahn stations.

Construction is under way to increase fire safety in Munich S-Bahn stations.The new glass doors are intended to close automatically if smoke is detected on the platform, keeping smoke out of escape routes. However, the doors are not meant to trap passengers in the station and can still be opened from the platform in the event of a fire. Fire itself is not the biggest hazard, but rather smoke and the lack of oxygen. A common source of smoke in train stations is smouldering cigarette stubs in garbage bins.

While the U-Bahn underground system is operated by the MVG (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH), the S-Bahn is operated by the German rail company, Deutsche Bahn, which is subject to privatisation. It has been speculated that the implementation of new safety measures is a result of this restructuring of the company. As a private company, Deutsche Bahn will have new responsibilities and duties towards its passengers and customers.

The first station to receive the new fire safety doors is Rosenheimer Platz. Further stations that will undergo construction are Isartor, Hauptbahnhof, Stachus and Marienplatz, all major stations along the main S-Bahn line.

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