Rules of the Munich MVG

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It happened at the U-Bahn station Sendlinger Tor. A woman decided to get across the road by using the "safe" underground area because of the cold, snow and a slippery road outside. But this cost Birgit P. a 40 euro fine because she went into the Munich subway without a ticket, complained the woman to Die Tageszeitung.

The MVG inspectors asked her for a ticket in the 20 meter wide corridor at Sendliger Tor, where the escalators lead down to the platforms. She disagreed and stated that she was not "schwarz fahren" but only walking through the underground area. However she still had to pay a fine. "The area at Sendlinger Tor where you should only go with a ticket is clearly marked, as in all other subway stations," said spokesman Christian Miehling of municipal utility. He referred to the large, illuminated signs on the entrances and the white lines on the floor.

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