Public Mailboxes Targeted

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sat 10th Sep, 2011

In the past, one had to tread carefully on the streets of Munich, making sure not to step into dog excrement.  Lately though, some people have come to expect that same animal waste to be delivered in the mail.

Since August, Post and Police officials have been on the lookout for a person who has deposited dog waste in 14 mailboxes near the S6 line: three times in the Starnberg area, 7 occasions in Planegg and Krailling, once in Guating, and only last week three times in Pasing.

The culprit deposits bags of 'dog poop' along with an odourous liquid into the aforementioned mailboxes, and unbeknownst to the collecting mail personnel, would be transported with the mail to the sorting centers.  Work had to be stopped so workers could clean the belts and deal with the spoiled mail.

There are around 750 post boxes in the Munich area - a tough task to monitor all of them.  Therefore officials are asking the public to pay attention and there could be a reward if information can lead to an arrest.

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