Protest Against Ugandan Regime

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Munich. Activists want to interrupt the meeting of a delegation from Africa with the Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil. Protesters will try to appeal for the public to join them at Max-Weber-Platz.

A warm welcome in a cosmopolitan city with heart - is what the guests from Africa won't be getting. Activists want to intervene a meeting between high ranking delegates from Africa and the Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Zeil (FDP) on Wednesday.

Ugandan opposition, who lived as refugees in exile in Germany - according to the organisation "Karawane" - want to demonstrate in front of the IHK at Max-Weber-Platz, against the Regime in Uganda. High ranked ministers will be expected from the east-African country. The controversial president Yoweri Museveni was expected to take part as well but had to "cancel on short notice", explained the Bavarian economics ministry.

The police expect a demonstration of 50 participants at  Max-Weber-Platz in Munich. Reasons to demonstrate are plentiful, according to the demonstrators. The Ugandan army participates in the war in Congo. Human rights activists oppose the regime of president Museveni, his war crimes and even the deployment of child soldiers. He is also accused of violence against Ugandan citizens through the military, despite apparent economic growth, the majority of the county has to live in dire poverty.

In reality, the north of the country has not had peace in 30 years. Observers of the conflict give Museveni credit for the peace in the south after the horror government of his predecessors, Milton Obote and Idi Amin. The economy thrives under the new president, which is why the delegates from Africa are in Munich - tempted by lucrative business deals. The idea is to persuade Bavarian employers to invest in Uganda, explained the ministry of economics.

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