Pregnant woman used as drug mule

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 23rd Mar, 2010

Munich. The main train station was the last stop for Evelyn P. (19) from Nigeria, who was caught on 21st May 2009 with 564 grams of cocaine and 102 grams of heroin.

Some of the narcotics were hidden internally inside the woman. Considering that she was in the 10th week of her pregnancy, that was extremely dangerous for both her and her baby.  On Monday, the 19 year-old, who has now given birth to a boy in a women's prison, was brought before the court.

The accused, Evelyn P, seems only now to have realized what danger she put herself and her child in. "I have had no idea at that time I made it, that it was dangerous for my child "she says.'€I had only thought of the money." She was offered 500 euros for bringing "something" in the train to Munich. What exactly she was going to carry she was not informed of.

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