Postal Vote Addresses Sold

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 16th Jun, 2010

MUNICH. Jesuits are responsible for thousands of addresses of bavarian postal voters ending up available for purchase.

The company, MTM-Lübeck, offered various companies the addresses of postal voters in Munich to purchase. MTM had over 15,000 addresses from citizens on offer, who had registered for the Bundestags or EU-parliament election via post. Among them are addresses of prominent individuals such as Dieter Hildebrandt and Milena Preradovic.

By their own accounts, the city council in Munich, offered the Jesuit order via a "middleman" the letters, to "strip the stamps for charity purposes". But the Order sold the envelopes in bulk for stamp collecting to a private trader. Through him they got to the MTM after a detour. Wolfgang Mayer of the Berchmanskolleg told the Stern, that he didn't get any orders to separate the stamps from the envelopes.

Thilo Weichert, a security administrator, is currently investigating if it is possible to fine MTM. The city of Munich, which was informed of the situation around March and initially only stopped the handing over of the envelopes, announced that they will file a complaint.

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