Poor Indicating Causes Opel to Flip Over

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 10th Aug, 2010

Munich. A eyecatching accident occured in the city district of Am Hart when an Opel Astra flipped over because of another car's incorrect indicating.

The 36 year old kitchen porter drove along Rose-Pichler-Weg on Sunday afternoon and wanted to turn left at the junction leading into Neuherbergstrasse. At the same time an unidentified driver with a reddish-brown car drove along Neuherbergstrasse. The car indicated to turn right but apparently the drivers intention was to drive straight across the crossroads.

The Opel driver drove into the junction. The driver of the dark car escaped the collision by turning left, but the 36 year old Opel driver lost control. He skidded off the road and hit two parked cars which caused the Astra to flip over and land on its roof.

The driver of the dark car noticed the accident but drove away.

The Opel driver and his 34 year old passenger suffered mild injuries and were brought to hospital. The Opel Astra was damaged severly and the parked cars were slighty damaged. All together the estimate of damaged caused is around 9000 Euro.

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