Partying at the Graveyard

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 31st Jul, 2012

Munich - Girls in bikinis instead of mourners, clinking beer bottles instead of eternal rest - the Old North Cemetery is mutating into a party lawn.

As one of the biggest green areas in Maxvorstadt, many visitors are not aware that Nordfriedhof is not a park. Since 1939 the cemetery funeral ceased operations, as reported in the Bild Zeitung, and these days many see it as a place to party - between the grave stones. Kriemhild Pöllath-Black, who runs the cemetary, hopes that visitors can learn to be more sensitive.

To stop the celebrations in this place of remembrance, the Municipal Council of Cemeteries in Munich (Städtischen Friedhöfe München) and the District have erected four pillars stating what is not allowed on the grounds of the historic 1869 cemetery. Biking, inappropriate clothing, loud music, alcohol and dogs are among the activities that will not be tolerated. 

Flyers have been printed informing the public, and there will be an exhibition at the Universität underground station in November. After all, people drinking beer, guys shooting a ball and a girl in a bikini might make it hard for the dead to rest in peace.

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