Mother Participates in Daughter Abuse

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Munich. A mother knew that her husband was abusing her daughter sexually and she is alleged to not only have tolerated it but also encouraged it. Now the mother and her husband (51) are summoned to court.

The victim Eva (changed name) is from a former relationship of her mother. The father in law adopted the girl at their wedding. The first sexual assault was on her 15th birthday. The offender, who suffers from asthma, was lying in bed and his wife was not in the house, he called for the girl and forced her to perform sexual acts, according to court.

It is assumed that it happened up to 10 times in the flat in Riem, then after a move in their new flat at Theresienhöhe. The case if different to others: the mother called her daughter into the bedroom and made her watch a sexual act between her and her husband. Afterwards, she requested that Eva should do the same and her daughter was forced to sleep with her father-in-law while her mother watched.

According to a report, Eva is vulnerable and emotionally unstable. The parents knew that she "was not able to make an independent decision about the execution or tolerance of sexual actions", says the department of public prosecution. They also accuse the parents of severe ill-treatment: beatings with a belt, a metal shoe horn and a wooden spoon. The case is set to last four days at the Landgericht in Munich.

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